Dispute Resolution

We represent our clients in the diverse business disputes at all levels of court, arbitration and pre-trial dispute resolution hearings. We advise on the civil and administrative cases, process procedural documents, develop dispute resolution strategies and represent clients in settlement negotiations.

Our experience in dispute resolution is broad and extensive. We represent our clients successfully in the disputes over debt collection, contract breaches as well as in the complicated cases in the areas of real estate, construction, financial services, bankruptcy and restructuring, energy, customs law, trademarks, copyright, patents and IT. We focus on the strategies for resolving disputes in the highly regulated industries and ensuring the successful representation of our clients in administrative disputes.

We provide the following services:

  • Drafting the procedural documents;
  • Developing dispute strategies;
  • Representing in all instances of the general jurisdiction and in the administrative courts;
  • Representing in the arbitration proceedings;
  • Representing in the pre-trial dispute resolution hearings;
  • Representing in the negotiation and mediation processes.

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