Corporate / M&A

We provide legal services in the field of company law, from the establishment of a legal entity and the everyday business law services to the reorganization of a company, from the preparation of shareholder contracts to the resolution of shareholders conflicts.

Our team prepares documents for obtaining the necessary licenses for the company’s business, advises and represents the acquisition and merger of companies or activity reorganization projects, prepares company management contracts and any other contracts related to the company’s activities, advises on company managers and shareholders’ responsibilities issues, represents the company or its shareholders in the negotiations in state or municipal institutions, in courts, advises how to protect the company’s trade secrets.

We provide these services:

  • Establishment of any form of legal entities, change of founding documents;
  • Preparation of company internal documents;
  • Preparation of documents and contracts necessary for the company’s activities;
  • Reorganization of enterprises and reorganization of activities;
  • Consulting, representation, preparation of documents in company acquisition and merger projects;
  • Advising companies with a solvency problem and their creditors during bankruptcy or restructuring;
  • Initial legal inspection of enterprises;
  • Legal evaluation of company contracts and management bodies documents;
  • Preparation of shareholder contracts, representation in negotiations and resolution of shareholders’ disputes;
  • Liquidation of the company;
  • Representation of the company or its shareholders in state or municipal institutions and courts of all instances.



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