Attorney-at-law Ema Būtėnienė has joined the AAA Law partners and will develop the practice of dispute law

In September this year, Attorney-at-law Ema Būtėnienė has joined the law firm AAA Law. With 18 years of legal experience, she will contribute to the development of the firm’s dispute law and environmental law practice. E. Būtėnienė became the sixth partner of the firm in Lithuania.

“Over the past five years, we have grown strongly in the area of law, both in terms of turnover and team development. Currently, we have a strong team of dispute law professionals who represent clients in resonant cases pending nationwide. Newly joined partner Ema Būtėnienė will strengthen our team’s dispute law practice, which is growing in the environmental and other regulated sectors”, – says Giedrė Domkutė, Managing Partner of AAA Law.

According to G. Domkutė, E. Būtėnienė is one of the few dispute and environmental lawyers with experience in performing complex legal audits, while also representing clients in the courtroom. Moreover, the new AAA Law partner has experience working in both business and public sectors, which allows her to assess the interests of both parties in disputes.

Until now, E. Būtėnienė has worked in one of the largest law firms in the Baltic States for almost 10 years. During that time, she has contributed to many unique environmental projects and resonant environmental disputes. E. Būtėnienė was the main lawyer when creating and developing the first disposable packaging deposit system in Lithuania.

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