We consult, represent, negotiate, and prepare various contracts used in commercial activities, ranging from contracts for the purchase, sale or lease of various objects, to complex franchise or property management contracts. We advise on execution and termination of contracts, perform preliminary legal checks related to future contracts, prepare and advise on the conclusion and implementation of the contract, we represent our clients on disputes regarding the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

We strive to ensure that clients’ contracts are maximally tailored to their needs and expectations, so we focus on the specifics of the client’s activity and needs analysis, client traditions and offer tailor-made solutions for each client. We ensure that client contracts are properly executed, comply with legal requirements, and that the risks assumed are maximally optimized and managed.

We are proud that our clients trust us and seek legal assistance in concluding franchising agreements for catering establishments, hotel management, archiving of documents, retail trade, construction equipment, hotel and real estate management, international distribution, real estate acquisition and lease, business transfer agreements.

We provide these services:

  • Analysis, evaluation and preparation of contracts, representation in negotiations;
  • Preparation of a contract model;
  • Consultation on contract enforcement, risk optimization and control of contract enforcement issues;
  • Initial legal assessment of contract objects;
  • Representation in litigation between contractors for execution of contracts;
  • Preparation of legal documentation.

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