Pētersona patents – AAA Law celebrates its 30th anniversary

This year the intellectual property law firm Pētersona patents – AAA Law celebrates its 30th anniversary by embracing the most significant accomplishments and milestones in the past decades. Now it is a great time to honour the company’s lawyers, patent attorneys and be proud of each individual’s professional achievements.

Intellectual property provides trademark, design and patent protection and gives right holders exclusive rights to their creations. By helping to strengthen the right owners’ rights, we contribute to the entrepreneurs’ interest in investing in intellectual property and thus increasing their business value. We are glad that each year this interest is rapidly growing in Latvia and worldwide.

As a result of this trend, since 1992 Pētersona patents – AAA Law has become one of the most recognizable, reliable and experienced IP law firms in Latvia and worldwide. By commemorating our 30th anniversary, we highlight our abundant expierence in protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights in Latvia and worldwide.

One of the leading professionals of Pētersona patents – AAA Law for more than 22 years has been the managing partner Gatis Meržvinskis and the partners Dr. Ing. Artis Kromanis (European Patent Attorney) and Kristīne Viļķina (the EU trademark and design attorney).

Celebrating 30 years of experience, excellence and recognition from our clients has been achieved through hard work and knowledge. Our most important goal is to help clients develop a successful strategy for building a path towards protection of intellectual property rights in Latvia and abroad. The company’s goal for the next 10 years is to maintain its leading position in the field of intellectual property protection by providing and developing new services that ensure stability of clients in the business.” says Kristīne Vilķina.

Together with the associated partner law firms AAA Law in Lithuania and AAA Legal Services in Estonia, Pētersona patents – AAA Law consults clients on a wide range of issues related to enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights in the Baltics and internationally.

The law firm has also gained extensive experience representing clients in the Latvian courts, the Latvian Patent Office, the Latvian Industrial Property Appeals Board, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO). We also have ensured successful enforcement of rights in numerous legal proceedings for a large number of well-known companies, such as Orkla Latvia, IKEA, Chanel, MARTEL, Mars and many others.

In order to boost development and awareness of intellectual property rights among Latvian companies, Pētersona patents – AAA Law organizes free consultation days on a frequent basis. This is being done with the help of start-up communities and business incubators. Special attention is given to newly established companies to enhance local entrepreneurship in the long run. Pētersona patents – AAA Law also took part in the project financed by the European Commission and the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which devotes significant financial support to small and medium sized companies (SMEs) in order to register trademark or design rights in the EU or carry out an IP Scan.

Historically, Pētersona patents – AAA Law has gained remarkable knowledge and networking opportunities from such international associations as AIPPI, MARQUES and ECTA. Moreover, our law firm has been recognized as one of the senior members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We always have been an active member of FICPI, which is an influential organization in strengthening collaboration of patent and trademark attorneys worldwide.

Along providing intellectual property services, we actively support cultural events in Latvia. As long-term supporters of the Daile Theater, Pētersona patents – AAA Law has gifted theater tickets to school teachers as a present on the first school day after the summer break. Previously, we also had supported retired actors.


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We share this time of celebration with our clients, friends and colleagues, all so necessary to both our past achievements and to all our future endeavors.

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