Vaidas Rakauskas

Senior associate, Attorney at law
Vilnius / Lithuania

Attorney at law Vaidas Rakauskas has more than 9 years of experience in the field of dispute resolution by representing legal and natural persons in complicated land, construction and company law disputes as well as bankruptcy procedures.
Clients appreciate his utmost dedication to their interests together with the ability to find and implement the most appropriate solution to a problem.
Vaidas’ competence in administrative disputes and ability to combine public and private sector interests is being admired by players of both sectors.
Vaidas has a profound experience in criminal cases as well, which creates a valuable input to our dispute practice group know-how. Clients can expect professional assistance not only in pre-trial investigation bodies but in criminal proceedings too.

– Representation of corporate creditors’, executives’ and shareholders’ interests in bankruptcy procedures and compensation disputes in courts.

– Representation of corporate shareholders in disputes between themselves and other corporate bodies.

– Representation of costumers, contractors, owners in construction sector disputes in courts.

– Representation before courts in resolution of disputes on legal relations concerning renovation (modernization) matters.

– Representation of natural and legal persons before state institutions and courts in land disputes (delimitations, servitudes, issues of establishment / withdrawal of special conditions).

– Representation of beneficiaries before National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, pre-trial administrative dispute resolution authorities and courts.

– Representation of third-country nationals before state institutions and courts regarding issue / revocation of residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania.

– Defense and representation in pre-trial investigation bodies and courts in examination of crimes against human body, property, property rights and interests, the economy and business order, the financial system.

Since 2020 — AAA Law

2016-2020 — Law Firm Bulotas, Gasiūnas, Makauskas BGM LAW
2010-2016 — P. Makauskas Law Firm
Since 2015 — Attorney at law

2011 — Vilnius University (Lithuania), Master in Law

Lithuanian, English, Russian

Lithuanian Bar Association, Member

Vaidas is a member of Lithuanian Bar Association Administrative and Administrative Procedure Law Committee.

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