Shannon K. Stauffer

Patent Agent, Patent consultant
Vilnius / Lithuania

Shannon represents inventors and applicants at the USPTO as a patent agent. She starts working with clients either from the beginning of the application process or at any point when they would like to file their application with the USPTO. Shannon provides a range of services including: patentability searches, writing the patent application document, revising application definitions when filing with the USPTO from another jurisdiction, prosecution of the patent application, and executing patent grant procedures. Shannon works with both utility and design applications.

Shannon’s technical expertise includes functional material science, renewable energy materials and technologies, and computer implemented methods.

Shannon has prosecuted patents from a variety of technical fields including chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, mechanical engineering, and software.

Since 2018 — AAA Law

2017-2018 — Vilnius University, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
2011-2016 — University of Texas at Austin (USA)

2016 — University of Texas at Austin (USA), Doctorate of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
2011 — University of Pittsburgh (USA), Bachelor’s degree, Chemistry and Geology

Registered USPTO Patent Agent

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