Juosta 33
Giedrė Domkutė
Partner, lawyer
Position and responsibilities
I have worked at AAA Law since 1999. I specialize in intellectual property law, labour relations, companies and contracts. I have worked as a lawyer since 2004. I was one of the first lawyers in Lithuania to initiate successful collaboration of trademark owners with this country’s Customs authorities in an effort to stop the flow of counterfeit goods into the territory of Lithuania and thus protect intellectual property rights more effectively. In the course of my work I have acquired a large and diverse amount of experience in the preparation of contracts for licensing, franchising, confidentiality, non-competition, movable and immovable property (real estate), sale-purchase of shares, rent, sub-contracting, loan, joint venture, shareholder agreements, etc. I provide legal opinions on the content of contracts, perform legal audits, prepare claims, suits and other procedural documents, represent clients in courts of all levels, in State institutions and in negotiations with third parties.
Used languages
At work I use Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.
I obtained a Master of Laws from Vilnius University. I am a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association and the International Bar Association (IBA).
Additional information
I share my work experience by preparing and publishing articles on topical legal issues in national and international journals. I am a co-author of the Consultancy Manual of Verslo žinios (‘Business News’) and the international publications International Intellectual Property Law, International Trademark Law, Doing Business in 2007 and Doing Business in 2006. I present papers at international conferences and I prepare and lead seminars on various topics such as Trademark as a Commodity (Prekių ženklas kaip vertybė), Protecting Trade Secrets (Komercinių paslapčių apsauga), Franchise Agreements (Frančizės sutartys), and Managing an Intellectual Property Portfolio (Intelektinės nuosavybės portfelio valdymas).