Juosta 33
Andrius Iškauskas
Partner, lawyer
Position and responsibilities
I specialize in information technology and intellectual property law. I represent clients in court cases, in State government institutions and in dealings with other companies and organisations.
Used languages
At work I use Lithuanian, English, Russian and German languages.
I began working as a legal specialist in 1999 and became a lawyer in 2005. I studied Law at Vilnius University and at Queen Mary’s College, London University, where I received a Master of Laws.
Additional information
My community activities have centred on information technology law and intellectual property law. I belong to the international association ITechLaw, an association for specialists in information technology law. I am a member of the board of the Lithuanian Business Confederation (Lietuvos verslo konfederacija) as chairman of the sub-committee on E-commerce, IT and telecommunications and protection of intellectual property. I am also a member of the association Knowledge Economy Forum (Žinių ekonomikos forumas) as consultant on law and public policy issues for the Business Software Alliance. I am an arbitrator at the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration as well as at the Court of Arbitration of the Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce and the Czech Republic Agricultural Chamber of Commerce for disputes concerning domains with names ending in “.eu”.