Juosta 33
Marius Jakulis Jason
Founder of AAA Law, Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board
Position and responsibilities
I am the founder of AAA Law, Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board. I have worked at AAA law since its creation in 1992. I specialize in business and intellectual property law. I am a patent attorney for Lithuanian and European trademarks, patents and designs. I have worked in the fields of legal analysis, consulting, representation and preparation of documents for more than 30 years. I am included in the list of the world’s best lawyers working with trademarks and service marks published by The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers.
Used languages
At work I use Lithuanian, French, English and Russian languages.
I was educated in the USA. I studied chemistry in Ohio, followed by an MA at the University of New York in the field of trade regulation and a Doctor of Law. I have worked in New York for 15 years, specializing in intellectual property law and becoming a U.S. patent attorney.
Additional information
I am the President of the Lithuanian chapter of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). I founded the Lithuanian Patent Attorneys’ Association (Lietuvos patentinių patikėtinių sąjunga) and I have also been the chairman of this organization.