Juosta 2

Dispute resolution

An ongoing dispute means that both parties are in the wrong. ‒ Voltaire, French writer and philosopher.


Any facts that help win an argument are good facts. ‒ Murphy’s Law.


We provide consultations regarding disputes and find ways to resolve them. We represent our parties interests in courts of all levels and arbitration. We prepare documents for trial and we represent parties in negotiations.

Our lawyers and legal specialists have an extensive amount of experience representing clients in various institutions and litigation, and likewise at the Supreme Court of Lithuania.


We specialise in the following fields:

  • preparation of documents for trial;
  • representing clients:
    • in negotiations;
    • in pre-trial institutions;
    • in the Lithuanian courts of all levels and in arbitration;
    • in courts of first instance in the European Community;
    • in the European Court of Justice;
    • in the European Patent Office.